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The Scottish Colourists Book Launch

By Brittany Harbidge, 27.08.2019
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James Knox and Guy Peploe in conversation, 22/08/2019

Amid fierce competition from other Festival events, the creme de la creme of Edinburgh's art scene gathered to celebrate the launch of The Scottish Colourists and to hear Fleming Collection Director James Knox in conversation with The Scottish Gallery's Guy Peploe. Peploe brought out some fascinating family portraits by the Colourists, including a self-portrait of his grandfather, S.J. Peploe. Peploe said 'The Colourists lived or died by their advocacy of the French Avant Garde', a sentiment echoed by Knox, who said 'their greatness as revealed in our touring show of the Scottish Colourists is testament to their integrity and talent as artists. 

If you would like to buy the book, please click here

Please click here for more information about the touring show, Scottish Colourists from The Fleming Collection.