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Wild Commons

By Greg Thomas, 13.04.2021
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Bothy Project, Sweeney's Bothy, Isle of Eigg. Photo courtesy Andrew Ridley.

The Bothy Project has reimagined its network of residency spaces as sentinels for inter-regional communication across the Highlands and Islands, redefining the parameters of rural creativity in Scotland. Greg Thomas takes in the sites of the Neighbourhood Residency scheme.


My Favourite Scottish Work of Art: Barbara Rae

By Barbara Rae, 08.04.2021
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Sir James Guthrie, To Pastures New, 1883. Aberdeen Art Gallery & Museums

The Royal Academician Barbara Rae looks to a well loved Glasgow Boy for her favourite Scottish painting



By Susan Mansfield, 07.04.2021
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Adjust / Adapt. Composition I Spring. Image courtesy Gabriela Silveira.

The Scottish Furniture Makers Association's new online exhibition showcases new works made in response to these challenging times


At Home with Robbie Bushe

By Susan Mansfield, 06.04.2021
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Robbie Bushe, Dwell, 2020. Ⓒ The Artist. Courtesy the Open Eye Gallery.

Susan Mansfield discusses 'Dwell' with Robbie Bushe; a new series of architectural paintings created during a year in lockdown that reconstruct rooms from the homes the artist has occupied throughout his life


In Praise of Shading

By Greg Thomas, 26.03.2021
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Alan Johnston, installation in Japan. Courtesy Bartha Contemporary.

For several decades, the Scottish painter Alan Johnston has been producing minimal, Wabi-Sabi influenced works while travelling through Japan. Greg Thomas surveys his latest solo show online with Bartha Contemporary


My Favourite Scottish Work of Art: Murdo Macdonald

By Murdo Macdonald, 25.03.2021
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William Johnstone, Celebration of Earth, Air, Fire and Water, 1974. National Galleries Scotland, purchased 1974. Ⓒ The Artist's Estate.

Professor Emeritus at the University of Dundee, Murdo Macdonald, looks to the abstract work of William Johnstone for his favourite