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Robert Sivell murals at risk following the sale of Aberdeen University building

By Susan Mansfield, 28.09.2023
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Robert Sivell The Creation Panel Aberdeen University Union copy of an earlier painting (c) Elspeth Stowell; Supplied by The Public Catalogue Foundation

The fate of Sivell’s stunning murals, painted by the artist and students at Gray’s School of Art, including Alberto Morrocco, now lies in the hands of a private developer.


Phillip A. Bruno, January 3rd 1930 - September 22nd 2023

By Neil Cooper, 27.09.2023
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‘Drawing of Phillip A. Bruno by Nancy Lawton, 1992’

The celebrated art collector, historian and dealer, who donated more than 70 artworks from his personal collection to the Hunterian Gallery in 2019, has died aged 93


How Marina Abramović ‘found’ her medium in Scotland

By Rachel Ashenden, 26.09.2023
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Marina Abramović, Rhythm 0, 1974. Performance; 6 hours. Studio Morra, Naples. Courtesy of the Marina Abramović Archives. © Marina Abramović. Photo: Donatelli Sbarra

As Marina Marina Abramović’s major retrospective opens at the Royal Academy Rachel Ashenden looks at the artists early, almost mythical performances in Scotland


The Fleming Collection acquires ‘Delphinium and Digitalis’ (c.1915) by Mary Sturrock

By Charlotte Rostek, 25.09.2023
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Delphinium and Digitalis, Mary Sturrock, c.1915, image courtesy of the Fleming Collection

Charlotte Rostek writes about the significance of this newly acquired work, which touches more strands of its age than many a masterpiece


Becky Brewis: Fabrications

By Jen McLaren, 22.09.2023
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Image courtesy of Dundee Heritage Trust

Becky Brewis’ delicate new textile works, made using jute, are aptly presented at the Verdant Works Museum. Jennifer McLaren reviews.


Divine Realms

By Greg Thomas, 18.09.2023
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Mutambi, featuring Mele Broomes. Credit: Douglas Tyrrell Bunge. Svikiro, Sekai Machache. Mount Stuart, 2023. Image by Keith Hunter.

Sekai Machache’s new exhibition at Mount Start transports the viewer between real and fantastical visions of the house’s interior and grounds, inviting us to immerse ourselves in the possibility of alternative histories, presents, and futures. Greg Thomas goes for a ride.